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MYOR’s Top Prize at the Annual Digital Health Conference

The Israeli startup got a big boost with its ground-breaking diagnostic platform for the prediction and prevention of Eczema in toddlers

By Terrance J. Mintner • June 12, 2020

Israeli startup MYOR wins top prize at annual Digital Health conference for its ground-breaking diagnostic platform for the prediction and prevention of atopic dermatitis (Eczema) in toddlers.

(Left) CEO of MYOR Idan Katz. Photo Credit: Niv Kantor and Elad Gutman | People and Computers

At Spectory we’ve been working with entrepreneurs to devise life-changing technologies in digital health. This sector is expected to grow by leaps and bounds in 2020, especially as the world looks for ways to stop the spread of the coronavirus. We’ve mastered a range of medical solutions for a variety of customer including startups and major health institutes.

A few months back a company called MYOR sought our expertise on designing and developing its decision support system for the prediction and prevention of atopic dermatitis (Eczema) in toddlers.

The prevalence of this chronic illness has tripled worldwide over the last quarter century. Doctors believe it is linked to environmental factors such as seasonality, climate, air pollution, as well as lifestyle choices such as frequent bathing and use of scented lotions, shampoos and soaps These products can dry out skin and affect its overall health.

Children suffering from the condition experience red and dry skin, frequent itching, and an overall dip in their immune system. They are often beset with serious allergic reactions directly linked to Eczema. What’s scary is that nobody has yet come up with a cure for it, which makes prevention vital.

Existing digital solutions for dealing with the illness are limited. They can only manage it and treat the symptoms, not offer predictions or preventive care suggestions.

Recognizing this gap, MYOR built a massive database involving millions of Eczema cases. The company then developed a comprehensive diagnostic platform that generates preventive-care options. If used successfully and in time the platform could spare children susceptible to the illness a lot of undue suffering. It would also save on the cost of future treatments.

“Our skin reflects our health and can be used as a window into the body, using biological markers associated with various health conditions,” MYOR’s CEO Idan Katz stated in a recent interview.

MYOR’s platform uses AI to produce data on a child’s skin condition, giving doctors a better grasp of how susceptible he or she is to skin asthma and related food allergies, which often accompany atopic dermatitis.

Given the potential benefits of this breakthrough technology it’s understandable why MYOR was eager to showcase it. The annual dHealth2019 conference – held in northern Israel in mid-December of last year – was the perfect opportunity.

MYOR was under a strict deadline to get its product ready for the conference, a major event attended by hundreds of experts in health innovation and VC managers. Spectory was proud to have delivered it on time.

This meant a sizeable cash injection and a chance to work with leading accelerators like IBM Alpha Zone and eHealth Ventures.

We congratulate MYOR on this stunning accomplishment. We wish the company the best of luck going forward and are thrilled to continue our innovative partnership.


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