A vital digital tool in the fight against prostate cancer

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The Product

PRiiMO, an Israeli digital health start-up, devised a groundbreaking system that helps prostate cancer patients and their doctors manage treatments. It utilizes artificial intelligence, analytics and machine learning to personalize and optimize care.

Using this system, patients can opt for active surveillance of their condition rather than invasive procedures like surgery or radiotherapy. It’s specifically designed for early-stage prostate patients who can live for many years with a less aggressive tumor provided it is closely monitored and managed. PRiiMO’s innovative system is designed to do just that.

PRiiMO chose Spectory to design and develop its system for both clinics and patients. Spectory’s team was tasked with creating a data collection platform. It includes a dashboard on which physicians can view a patient’s test results, medical history, and machine-generated suggestions for further treatment.

“This is the heart of the system for the clinic,” says Guy Mushkat, Spectory’s project manager.

“We wanted to create an intuitive dashboard that displays all the data for doctors on one page, making it easy for them to see test results and medications, as well as update information.”

For the patient side, Spectory designed and developed a mobile application which allows patients to schedule appointments, receive messages, view test results and read relevant information about their specific condition.

The Challenge

“PRiiMO came to Spectory with a vision, but they wanted a working product fairly quickly. We had only five months to build a product that would go directly to market, and we succeeded in building an MVP on time,” says Mushkat.

“Spectory had to prepare things very quickly and their availability was great,” says Yonit Lantziano, Vice President of Products at PRiiMO. “They’re very professional and their team had a lot of patience with me because I did change things many times. Together, we found a solution that I love.”

Arnon Yaar, PRiiMO’s Co-founder and CTO, adds: “The thing I liked the most was the fact that I could pick the brains of Spectory’s developers on different aspects whenever I needed to.

“I was in Australia for a few weeks on business and needed urgent problem-solving assistance from their engineers during very strange hours. I was amazed at their responsiveness. They would reply to emails at midnight. It was heartwarming to see the kind of dedication they put into our project.”

‘The thing I liked the most was the fact that I could pick the brains of Spectory’s developers on different aspects whenever I needed to’


“PRiiMO requested that we include different development tools on our stack that we haven’t worked with yet,” says Danny Milman, Spectory’s developer. “We were invited to use NestJS and GraphQL, which we learned quickly. They turned out to be rather comfortable to use.”

It has been incredibly gratifying for Spectory’s team to collaborate with PRiiMO on a project that aims to help so many.

Roughly 1 million people – mainly men – are diagnosed with prostate cancer every year. As many as 50% of invasive procedures can be initially avoided through active surveillance of the tumor. In this way, survivability can be greatly increased.

It all makes PRiiMO’s unique system an indispensable tool in this fight.

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