Turning an Egg into a Crystal – A User-friendly solution for the Poultry Industry

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The Product

It’s no easy task to digitally optimize an industry that produces trillions of chicken eggs per year for our consumption. That’s why LIVEgg chose Spectory to design a breakthrough app that allows hatcheries to understand what’s happening inside each egg.

With LIVEgg’s technology, hatcheries can get precise information on embryo development, which they can use to increase yields. They will be able to determine the sex of eggs after just a few days of incubation, thereby eliminating the grim practice of chick culling (killing male chicks once they hatch). That’s not only a tech achievement; it’s also an ethical one.

LIVEgg, a bio-tech company located in northern Israel, recently launched CrystalEgg, the world’s first embryo monitoring system. Using a non-invasive smart tray to monitor physiological signals inside each egg, it generates real-time data about a given batch, information that hatchery managers can access via an application.

The Challenge

The system generates multiple streams of information. What is the best way to organize the data so anyone could make sense of it?

“Our users are not computer people. They work in the agricultural sector, so we needed the system to be very user friendly,” says LIVEgg’s CEO Alon Blum. “We came to Spectory with this goal in mind.”

The burden fell squarely on the shoulders of Spectory’s UX/UI experts.

“Our main challenge was to create the most up-to-date user experience able to handle a broad stream of data and user flows,” Nirit Chen, Spectory’s project manager, says.

Because the sensors in the smart tray generate complex data on each egg out of thousands, she explained, the large volume of information needed to be efficiently organized. “We also successfully built different user journeys for each role: for managers, admins, and workers,” she adds.

“Our goal was to present the main page the user interacts with in an optimal way,” says Liran Mahazri, Spectory’s UX/UI designer. “On one hand, it must contain all the necessary information, but on the other, it shouldn’t be too busy. The user should find it easy and intuitive to find the information he or she is looking for.”

On this and other projects, Spectory’s designers provide each client with an array of design options. LIVEgg was no different.

“I think Liran did something like 300 mockups. With Spectory’s help, we managed to find the best one for us,” Blum says.

‘It’s a little like creating Frankenstein. We took bits and pieces from many tools to do it. But it came out well and that gave us a lot of satisfaction’


Once the design phase was complete, the CrystalEgg project required front-end work.

“I really enjoyed this project, which seeks to make a big difference,” says Alexandra Bondarenko, Spectory’s developer.

It required a lot of front-end expertise because the information is received from the application programming interface (API). Therefore, React Redux, DS, and other tools were vital, she explained.

“It’s a little like creating Frankenstein. We took bits and pieces from many tools to do it. But it came out well and that gave us a lot of satisfaction,” she adds.

In a short timeframe, Spectory’s team succeeded in taking a complex system and giving it an elegant and easy-to-use facelift, to LIVEgg’s high satisfaction.

LIVEgg and Spectory’s partnership resulted in a cutting-edge product that is both user-friendly and ethical. Blum believes it could boost productivity by as much as 4% and could save the poultry industry billions of dollars annually.

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