A medical-grade watch and app that ‘watches over’ patients with heart conditions

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The Product

Founded in 2009, CardiacSense is a medical wearable device company based in Caesarea, Israel. The company developed a clinically proven medical watch that alerts wearers of heart conditions such as arrhythmia and blood pressure which could lead to more serious conditions like stroke or cardiac arrest.

In addition, the watch monitors respiratory rate and SpO2 levels.

The watch – which is in advanced stages of FDA Clearance and CE marking stages – is capable of monitoring patients continuously for the long-term and with the highest medical-grade accuracy.

Once the watch detects an arrhythmia, it asks the patient to place two opposite-hand fingers on the watch, which will then perform an electrocardiogram (ECG). The results are then compiled in a PDF document, including all the rest of the vital signs measured by the watch, and sent digitally to a physician. The aim is to help doctors make quick, life-saving decisions.

CardiacSense asked Spectory to develop a mobile app that connects to the watch, which allows patients to view their vital sign measurements, photoplethysmography (PPG) and ECG results on their device in real-time and easily share this data with their physician via their mobile device.

“This is equivalent to going to your doctor and doing an ECG. The system meets and even exceeds the required regulations for a medical-grade ECG,” says Gil Meir, Spectory’s CTO.


The Challenge

“The challenge we met was to create a sophisticated app that communicates at high frequency with the watch. We stretched the limits of what a mobile app can do,” Meir says.

“We were also able to meet the strict FDA regulations throughout the development process,” he adds.

Guy Mushkat, Spectory’s project manager, says that getting all the data from the watch to the application, and then displaying these parameters in the PDF report, were the big challenges that Spectory’s team faced.

“The fact that this data will be the basis for a doctor’s decisions about a patient – no doubt a life and death matter – pushed us to design and develop an extremely precise app that runs at peak performance.”


We had a very complicated challenge technology-wise concerning the streaming of real-time data. Spectory’s team has the ability to try out different things and come up with solutions


“Using React, React Native, and Redux-saga, we had to implement an effective communication protocol with the watch,” says Danny Milman, Spectory’s developer.

“At first, the watch was sending a lot of measurements all the time, and our application had to process them very quickly. This was a huge amount of data because it included graphics. We succeeded in reducing the size of the data 20-fold using vector graphics.”

What the Customer Says

“Spectory’s team is very professional, target-oriented, and caring about our product,” says Meni Itzhak, CardiacSense’s Vice President of R&D. “It is also very pleasant to work with everyone there.

“We had a very complicated challenge technology-wise concerning the streaming of real-time data, as well as displaying it over a graph. Spectory’s team has the ability to try out different things and come up with solutions,” he adds.

“Another challenge is transmitting wireless data over Bluetooth in both a secure and high-performance way. We can’t allow any medical information to be displayed in a wrong manner. There’s a lot of liability in this project. And for that, we did a lot of testing,” Itzhak concludes.



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