We Helped Turn an Egg into a Crystal

LIVEgg, a bio-tech company, chose Spectory to design a breakthrough app that allows hatcheries to understand what’s happening inside thousands of eggs. It receives real-time data from a smart tray that registers physiological signals inside each egg.

Check out how we designed LIVEgg’s complex user interface from scratch, making it easy-to-use and elegant. Our solution will help the poultry industry optimize productivity, eliminate wasteful practices, and save billions annually.

A Holistic Solution for Cancer Patients

PRiiMO, a digital health start-up, chose us to develop a vital tool in the fight against prostate cancer. We created a comprehensive solution that combines data from the clinic, physicians and patients.

It includes an intuitive dashboard and mobile app which allow patients to manage their treatments, avoid invasive procedures, and maintain their quality of life. See how we delivered an MVP our client loves in only five months!

Bringing Students Together in New Ways

Project Pals, an e-learning company based in California, asked Spectory to build an all-in-one platform for collaborative learning. Our rich and beautifully designed solution helps students communicate with each other and teachers in real time.

Discover why Project Pals chose us (even though we’re 12,000 km. away) and how the platform we built – with its sophisticated visuals and monitoring features – is becoming the tool of choice in many schools.

Stretching the Limits of What a Mobile App Can Do

CardiacSense, a medical device company, developed a smart watch that ‘watches over’ people with heart conditions. Able to register changes in the heart, it provides early detection of more serious conditions like stroke or cardiac arrest.

CardiacSense asked Spectory to develop a high-powered mobile app that connects to the watch. Learn how it communicates with the watch at a super-high frequency, and can perform medical-grade ECGs with precise real-time results.