Postgres Row Level Security

By Noam S.

September 29, 2020

Row Level Security was introduced in v9.5 of PostgreSQL. For further information see PostgreSQL’s Documentation.

This is a privileges feature; by defining policies and enabling the RLS on specific tables, the database will filter the rows by the policy and return only the ones that are allowed. For writing queries, new data that is not allowed will be rejected.

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Building Code Review Speed – Guidelines for Fast & Effective CR

By Guy Y.

Aug. 24, 2020

Code Review (CR) is the methodology of changing the codebase while keeping the code healthy.

On one end of this process, we have the developer whose job is to complete a code change while meeting deadlines. On the other side, we have the reviewer whose job is protecting the codebase from degradation.

It’s in the best interest of all that CR will be fast without compromising quality. In this post, I’ll describe some guidelines toward achieving this goal.

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